Thank you for your interest in Arcane Phantom and helping us in our development process. Our goal is to provide a premium Minecraft experience for both the casual players, as well as those hardcore players that want a challenge.

   We first began development in mid-June and have come a long way since then. We would like to thank all the original members that helped us start this journey as well as the new arrivals that are aiding us to become a truly unique, fun, and quality server as well as community.

   The main focus of Arcane Phantom(currently) is the Guilds server. Here players can stake their own claims, create guilds with friends, and play in a standard and casual Survival style. We offer a multitude of things to do such as our custom enchants, shop, player shops, and much more. PvP is optional so players can choose whether or not to engage other players. For those that want to PvP, we will offer competitive duels using kits and a structured Guild vs Guild minigame of attack and defend.

   We hope to finish main development within the coming weeks and hope you enjoy playing our survival world. See you in game !

Arcane Phantom Minecraft Server

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