Come Join Us, We Are Hiring !

Greetings Survivor !

You have talent in building designing? Or want to be a part of something that you enjoy playing? Or do you have many event ideas that you would like to organize?

Well, we have great news for you, Arcane Phantom is now hiring, and we wanted to give everyone an opportunity to join our team. Here are the requirements:

:799847720588148776: Must be 16 years or older
:799847720588148776: Some sort of background in either, builder, event organizer, or staff members
:799847720588148776: Active in Arcane Phantom Server
:799847720588148776: Minimum playtime total 12 hours
:799847720588148776: Don’t have any bad record/crime in the server.

If you are interested, submit your application HERE

You will have the opportunity to show your creativity, and make your own event in the server. Anywhere you want to spread your creativity for Arcane Phantom You will have access to in-game perms as needed depending on what your role might become.

This is a volunteer position, no staff payouts are included. If you have any questions regarding this intake, please contact us for more information.

Thank you.