Something New is Arriving

Greetings Survivor !

Dear player, we always take care of our player experience. Because of that, we want all players to enjoy playing our Minecraft server and we also want all players to be on equal footing, regardless of their financial capability or desire to support the server monetarily.

1. We have great news for Arcane Premium VIP members. We are adding some new feature in the server which is Player Comestic. This feature will allow all VIP members can have their specialty as VIP members on our server. If you’re non VIP member, you must be part of our VIP members to use this feature. Don’t miss this opportunity, get your VIP now at STORE

2. The next update is, we have upgraded all mobs by adding them a level. The strength and ability of mobs depend on the level of the mobs. This update will give players more adventure experiences.

3. Not only that! We also added a new feature for the player to upgrade their rank based on the rank-up requirement. Here is the list of the rank :

  i. Survival (Default)
  ii. Senior
  iii. Master
  iv. Chief
  v. Royal (Highest)

To check your rank-up requirement, you need to write a command /rankup in the game. The requirement for you to upgrade your recent rank will show up in the chatbox. For more information about rank-up, you can contact our support team or staff members.

4. All players now can purchase rank from our official store HERE and also now can top up their Minecraft money at our official store too.

5. We’ve received several reports regarding some players being kicked out of the server. We would like to advise all players not to spam the “space” keyboard. This will cause our server security system to detect you cheating in the server.

6. In order to maintain our Minecraft server stability, our server will automatically restart at 12 AM and 12 PM daily. We would like to advise all of you to keep all your items in the chest before the server restart to prevent any incident of lost items from happening again.

7. Don;t forget to check out our new trailer video on YOUTUBE

Thank you.