Time To Be a Warrior

Greetings Survivor !

We have great news for you again! We always take care of our player experience. To maintain our vision, we’ve added some new features and a new map for all survivors.

1. We would like to introduce to you Arcane PVP Arena. The place where you can fight with your friend without break any rules and regulations (7. PVP). You can use your own armor, weapons even skill to fight with your friend without losing it if you die.

2. We also want to introduce Arcane Laboratory. Arcane Laboratory is the place for user to buy or sell an enchanted book. Player can upgrade their armor and weapons here with the great enchanted book. Player also can gain more money from here if they have a lot of enchanted books. However, Arcane Laboratory will be officially open on 27 August 2021.

3. More enchanting, more exciting! Survivors, now you can make your armor and weapons strong than you expected. We’ve added new feature which is advanced enchantment. Every enchantment has configurable chance to be obtained from Enchanting Table, Villager Trades, and Chests in caves. If you want to see the list of the enchanted book, just type /eenchats list in the server.

4. Say no more to “hard sleep at night”. All players now can easily sleep and see how much players need to sleep to skip the night. When you sleep, night will skip immediately without need to wait 5 seconds. 

5. We are currently working to make sure Bedrock Minecraft player can be able to join our server. This crossplay is still under BETA and not officially launch yet until our server is stable for both Minecraft versions. We will not announce anything if we close or open the crossplay.

Thank you.